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* Add multiple-response MCQsHEADmasterRunasSudo2017-09-063-6/+29
* Add summary view of questionsRunasSudo2017-09-062-0/+45
* Change to directly-executable format for moduleRunasSudo2017-08-203-248/+248
* Add a bit of padding on mobile for Snapchat, etc.RunasSudo2017-08-201-0/+3
* Implement answer type verificationRunasSudo2017-08-203-4/+45
* Use relative paths for filesRunasSudo2017-08-202-3/+3
* Add READMEYingtong Li2017-03-281-0/+65
* Fix failure to update sidebar on client disconnectYingtong Li2017-03-281-4/+4
* Minor code tidyingYingtong Li2017-03-282-59/+62
* Reduce size of canvas where unnecessarily largeYingtong Li2017-03-282-10/+17
* Add answer form configuration for type questionsYingtong Li2017-03-283-4/+17
* Adjustments to speed modeYingtong Li2017-03-285-16/+21
* Switch to eventletYingtong Li2017-03-284-4/+28
* Add dodgy initial implementation of speed quizYingtong Li2017-03-276-14/+223
* Improve stability maybe?Yingtong Li2017-03-242-10/+38
* Indicate status in sidebarYingtong Li2017-03-242-3/+10
* Add sidebarYingtong Li2017-03-237-13/+64
* Add landing page with QR codeYingtong Li2017-03-236-0/+81
* Submit type answer on input change, not on loss of focusYingtong Li2017-03-232-2/+2
* Fix use of Semantic UI containers and condense display on mobileYingtong Li2017-03-234-3/+32
* Implement short answer questions and make minor bug fixes to adminYingtong Li2017-03-236-4/+96
* Cache draw question answers and make transparentYingtong Li2017-03-221-8/+36
* Fixes to drawing questionsYingtong Li2017-03-222-2/+4
* Colourise drawingsYingtong Li2017-03-222-2/+26
* Fix a couple bugsYingtong Li2017-03-172-6/+21
* Refactor code to use OOPYingtong Li2017-03-174-71/+118
* Initial commitYingtong Li2017-03-17176-0/+121392
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