A GNU PSPP kernel for Jupyter

Repo contents

The jupyter_pspp folder is the jupyter_pspp module which needs to be installed to Python.

The pspp folder contains the JSON kernel spec file for Jupyter.

Installation instructions

Install the required dependency Pexpect.

Install the jupyter_pspp module folder to somewhere accessible by Python.

Then run:

jupyter kernelspec install /path/to/pspp

Where /path/to/pspp is the path to the pspp folder in this repository.


You should now be able to create a new Jupyter notebook using the PSPP kernel.

PSPP commands should behave as expected. Tables will be printed in HTML format. Headings in command output will not be printed unless associated with content.


You can configure jupyter_pspp by creating and running a cell with the contents:

%set [option] [value]
  • suppress_headings: Controls whether headings in PSPP command output will be printed.
  • empty (default): Don't print headings unless associated with content.
  • no: Print all headings.
  • yes: Do not print headings.

Note: Setting options to invalid values results in undefined behaviour.

You can silence the output of a cell by beginning a code block with the line %silent.

You can hide certain tables from the output of a cell by beginning a code block with %hide_table followed on the same line by a comma-separated list of table captions. For example:

%hide_table Summary.,Ranks

Running Python code

You can also run Python code directly by beginning a code block with the line %py. print() will be automatically overridden to send output to Jupyter:

print('Hello world!')

The output from the most recent PSPP execution will be accessible in self.out. A parsed version is accessible from self.out_table. For example, if we run:


We can then run:

print(self.out_tables['CROSSTABS']['Symmetric measures.'].get_cell('Approx. T', 'Spearman Correlation'))

To obtain the value of the specified cell.


There is no Windows support at present, as Windows does not support pseudo-TTYs, and file redirection puts PSPP into a synchronous processing mode. jupyter-pspp will work fine with PSPP under Cygwin, but PSPP will need to be compiled from source.

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