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# legalmd
An extension of Markdown to notate Australian-style legal markup, using the Python [mistletoe]( Markdown parser.
legalmd can process Markdown files into LaTeX source code, and RTF. The output style is based on, but separate from, the [latex-legal]( style.
## Examples
See for example markup.
To generate LaTeX output, run:
python -m legalmd > example.tex
The LaTeX output file can then be compiled as usual into a PDF document. Note that the generated code utilises *fontspec* for font support, so LuaLaTeX or XeLaTeX will be required.
To generate RTF output, run:
python -m legalmd --format rtf > example.rtf
The RTF output file can then be directly viewed in a compatible RTF editor.

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(2) DEF
### 3 Table example
| 1 First column | 2 Second column |
| 1 First row | Foo bar |
| 2 Second row | Baz qux |

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{\rtf1\deff0{\fonttbl{\f0 TeX Gyre Heros{\*\falt FreeSans}{\*\falt Liberation Sans}{\*\falt Arial};}}\paperw11905\paperh16837\margl1133\margr1133\margt1133\margb1133{\header\f0\fs16\tqr\tx9637 Example Legal Document\tab }{\footer\f0\fs16\tqr\tx9637 \tab\chpgn}\sa198\fs1\~\fs24 {\fs20\li0{\b Note:} This is a note.\par}{\sb566\keepn\b\fs26\qc\caps Part 1\u8212?Preliminary\par}{\keepn\b\fi-566\li566 1\tab Short title\par}{\li566 This is the {\i blah blah}.\par}{\keepn\b\fi-566\li566 2\tab Another heading\par}{\fi-566\li1133 (1)\tab ABC\par}{\li1133 Continued\par}{\fi-566\li1700 (a)\tab asdf\par}{\fi-566\li1700 (b)\tab abcdefg\par}{\li1700 hijkl\par}{\li1133 Continued\par}{\fi-566\li1133 (2)\tab DEF\par}{\keepn\b\fi-566\li566 3\tab Table example\par}{\sa0\trowd\trgaph120\trleft566\clbrdrt\brdrs\clbrdrb\brdrs\cellx5101\clbrdrt\brdrs\clbrdrb\brdrs\cellx9636 {\b Column 1\intbl\cell}{\b Column 2\intbl\cell}\row{\b First column\intbl\cell}{\b Second column\intbl\cell}\row {1. First row\intbl\cell}{Foo bar\intbl\cell}\row {2. Second row\intbl\cell}{Baz qux\intbl\cell}\row }}