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* Add chord forms (stacked alterations, etc.)HEADmasterRunasSudo2020-10-277-17/+739
* Allow customising fonts in build scriptRunasSudo2020-06-055-19/+59
* Also style 11, 13 chordsRunasSudo2020-06-044-0/+64
* Update documentationRunasSudo2020-05-242-0/+6
* Relicense under the Apache licenceRunasSudo2020-05-235-375/+238
* Add README.mdRunasSudo2020-05-231-0/+19
* Add 1.375mm size (Rastral 6)RunasSudo2020-05-232-0/+276
* Add custom "*" and related tokens to manually fix kerning, e.g. following the...RunasSudo2020-05-233-0/+45
* Superscript brackets, sharps and flats in modifiersRunasSudo2020-05-233-12/+66
* Implement 6/9 chordsRunasSudo2020-05-234-32/+494
* Rewrite from scratchRunasSudo2020-05-232-0/+606
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