Quick start guide

Prepare a BLT file containing the ballot papers in the election. If you would just like to see a demonstration election, you can download a sample BLT file here.

Launch OpenTally at https://yingtongli.me/opentally/stv/.

In the top-right corner of the page, click Browse and select the BLT file you prepared or downloaded:

Browse button

Click the Count button to generate the result sheet for the election:

Result sheet

To change the STV rules used to count the election, click the Preset dropdown at the top of the page, and choose a preset. Alternatively, click Show advanced options. A detailed explanation of the various presets and options can be found here.

Once the count is complete, you can click Print result to generate a printable result report or PDF. To ensure the result report displays correctly, check that the paper size in the print window matches the paper size selected in OpenTally, the print orientation is set to landscape, and the scale is set to 100%.