These scores have been recently revised and nicely engraved. To view the correctly engraved version, download the PDF from the table. The copy on may not display correctly, but may be provided for reference.

Description Instrumentation Date PDF
Another Terrible Day, from The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical. Music/Lyrics by Rob Rokicki. Piano/Voice 2020-06-09 PDF (preferred)
Handforth Parish Council: The Musical. Music/Lyrics by Flo & Joan (Rosie and Nicola Dempsey). Mixed Band (score and parts) 2022-01-29 PDF (preferred)
Have you seen my laptop? Music/Lyrics by Brian David Gilbert and Karen Han. Voice, Tenor Recorder, Hurdy Gurdy 2020-12-08 PDF (preferred)
Numb Little Bug, acoustic version. Music/Lyrics by Em Beihold, Nick Lopez and Dru DeCaro. Voice, Piano, Violin 2022-06-14 PDF (preferred)
The Perfect PokéRap. Music/Lyrics by Brian David Gilbert. Piano/Conductor (Piano/Voice) 2020-12-10 PDF (preferred)
Racing Hearts. Music by Mattie Maguire. Piano Reduction 2023-02-18 PDF (preferred)
Save the City, from Hawkeye. Music/Lyrics by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman. Mixed Band (score and parts) 2022-01-27 PDF (preferred)
Sextet, from Superbia, as performed in Tick, Tick… Boom! (2021). Music/Lyrics by Jonathan Larson. Piano/Voice 2022-01-18 PDF (preferred)
Steven Universe Future Theme, from Steven Universe Future. Music/Lyrics by Rebecca Sugar and Aivi & Surasshu. Mixed Choir 2020-06-09 PDF (preferred)
When the Booth Goes Bright, from Amélie the Musical, London version. Music by Daniel Messé, lyrics by Daniel Messé and Nathan Tysen, orchestration by Barnaby Race. Voice, Piano, Violin 2023-02-19 PDF (preferred)


These scores are older and have not been nicely engraved, though perhaps I will get around to these one day.

Description Instrumentation Date PDF
Here We Are, from the Undertale OST. Music by Toby Fox. 2 Piano, Drums 2019-10-04
Home, from the Undertale OST. Music by Toby Fox. 2 Guitar 2019-09-29
Loser, Geek, Whatever (Acoustic), from Be More Chill. Music/Lyrics by Joe Iconis. Piano/Voice 2020-02-02
Meme Music Medley, feat. Mii Channel theme, Baby Shark, Shooting Stars, Crab Rave and All-Star. 2 Violin, Piano (incl. parts) 2019-07-31 PDF  
Once Upon a Time, from the Undertale OST. Music by Toby Fox. 2 Piano, Drums 2019-09-30
Status Quo, from Starship. Music/Lyrics by Darren Criss. Piano/Voice 2019-01-26
To Be a Man, from Holy Musical B@man. Music/Lyrics by Nick Gage and Scott Lamps. Piano/Voice 2018-11-09
Undertale, from the Undertale OST. Music by Toby Fox. 2 Flute, Violin, Piano, 2 Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums 2019-10-04