This is a collection of paper forms used by the AEC at the 2019 Australian federal election, recreated by me from images shown in AEC training videos or AEC approved forms.

Form Description Links
EF008 Certified List of Voters (Cover) / Account of Ballot Papers and Certification of Votes Marked PDF SVG
EF011 Pre-Poll Vote Envelope PDF SVG
EF012 Declaration Vote Envelope PDF SVG
EF027 Direction to Count Further Preferences PDF SVG
EF027 House of Representatives Result of Count PDF SVG
EF027 House OIC Two Candidate Preferred Worksheet PDF SVG
EF027 Senate Phone-In Slip PDF SVG
EF049 Postal Vote Certificate PDF SVG
EF082-a Record of Ordinary Ballot Boxes and Security Seals PDF SVG
EF089-a House of Representatives Sorting Card PDF SVG
EF281-a Declaration Vote Issuing Officer Ballot Paper Tracking Form (SA) PDF SVG
EF290-a House of Representatives Worksheet PDF SVG
EF291-a Senate Worksheet PDF SVG
  Return of Materials From Polling Place Labels  
Label 1 OIC Return and Admin Records PDF SVG
Label 2 Declaration Votes PDF SVG
Label 3 Enrolment Records PDF SVG
Label 4 Paper Certified Lists PDF SVG
Label 5-a Package: House of Representatives Ballot Papers PDF SVG
Label 6 Senate Ballot Paper Parcel PDF SVG
Label 6-a Package: Senate Ballot Papers PDF SVG
Label 8 Other Materials PDF SVG

The videos and forms these files were based on are © 2017 Commonwealth of Australia, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence.

These files are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 licence, as shown in the footer of this page.

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